Case Studies

Georgia Oilmen’s Services has a long record of success in environmental remediation services. These projects provide examples of our commitment to remediation and environmental protection. The studies include an overview of the site pre-remediation, a description of our process, the results of our work, and a total cost of the project, along with images and maps of the site.

Free Product Observed near Underground Gasoline Storage Tank in Ellijay, Georgia


Site: A closed Underground Storage Tank system with two gasoline tanks causing seepage into nearby river

Activities: Corrective Action Plan, Multi-Phase Extraction, Semi-annual monitoring

Results: After 3.5 years sampling revealed there was no remaining free product and the site was granted No Further Action status

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Groundwater Contamination Observed during Active Gas Station Renovations


The Site: Groundwater contamination was discovered during excavation at an active retail gas station located south of Atlanta

Activities:Vapor Extraction, Mobile Multi-Phase Extraction, Groundwater sampling and monitoring, ISCO injections

Results: Corrective action objectives were met and the site was granted a No Further Action status

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