In-Situ Remediation

remediation equipmentIn some cases, Georgia Oilmen’s Services recommends in-situ  remediation. Meaning “in place,” in-situ remediation is the process by which contaminated soil or water is treated without removing the pollution or other hazardous waste from its subsurface. Physical and chemical processes are often used during in-situ remediation.

Successful in-situ remediation often involves the skillful combination of multiple technologies that effectively treat the contaminated area while protecting the unharmed soil and groundwater around it.

Our team of innovative, skilled technicians, engineers and consultants have years of experience performing in-situ remediation through technologies that include:

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Before starting any project, our team takes the time to understand your exact situation and to develop the most efficient, cost-effective strategy to removing harmful contaminants on your property. To learn more about in situ remediation and other remediation technologies offered through GOS, please contact us.