Petroleum and Gasoline Industry FAQs

Below are some common questions we get from professionals in the petroleum and gasoline industry. Need more information than what is provided on this page? We're happy to help. Simply contact us and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Q: I am not a large oil company. Can GOS still assist me with my retail gas station property?

Yes. GOS performs UST compliance testing and remediation services for many small business owners.

Q: If I have an environmental problem to address, will I be required to cease operations of my gas station?

No. GOS performs UST compliance testing, environmental assessments and remediation activities at active fueling facilities on a regular basis. GOS will make every effort not to interfere with normal business activities.

Q: Can GOS perform work under the Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund reimbursement program? 

Yes. GOS performs only the environmental corrective action activities that will be approved for reimbursement by the regulatory authorities. GOS communicates clearly with the regulators so that the activities completed are those that are specifically requested by the state. Additionally, GOS’ rates are well within the industry standards that are regularly approved for reimbursement by the trust fund.

Q: I want to purchase a former gas station property and redevelop it for other uses. Will the state or federal government environmental regulations prevent me from using the property?

No. Former retail service stations are often redeveloped into commercial properties without limitations. GOS can perform corrective action activities at a property if necessary without hindering the use or redevelopment of a property.

Q: I am not in the business of buying or selling fuels. Can GOS still help me as I am evaluating the purchase of an old gas station property?

Yes. GOS can perform environmental assessment and corrective action activities at a variety of different properties. We often perform work for property owners outside of the petroleum industry.

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