Monitor Only Plans

A “Monitor Only” plan is pursued by Georgia Oilmen’s Services on behalf of our clients if the findings of a Corrective Action Plan – Part A do not warrant a No Further Action Required (NFAR) status. Typically a “Monitor Only” status requires two years of groundwater monitoring.

Monitoring Only Guidelines

Within a “Monitor Only” plan, no remedial action is required, but land owners must routinely test the site for contamination levels to see if they have changed. GOS maintains an extensive inventory of sampling and testing equipment to assist our clients with cost-effective testing. We also compile the necessary reports and submit them to the regulatory agencies.

Specifically, our “Monitor Only” plans and reports may include the following information:

  • Monitoring point name
  • Type of discharge
  • Factors being monitored
  • Monitoring frequency

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Our team of environmental consultants can provided the needed professional advice to ensure that a “Monitor Only” plan is handled in an efficient way. Please contact us to learn more or receive a project quote.