UST Operator Training Test

The Georgia EPD Underground Storage Tank Management Program (USTMP) has developed a Georgia UST Operator Test. A free web-based study guide is available to help UST operators prepare for the test. However, the study guide is more than 400 pages long and is difficult to read. The USTMP has also approved a number of companies to provide training. However, there is typically a fee required to take the training course. The USTMP has selected the International Code Council (ICC) as the sole third party independent test administrator. There are several testing centers located throughout Georgia. There is also a fee required to take the test.

In short, you must pay to take a training course, possibly commute to an off-site location at a specified time for training, then pay to take the test, and commute to an off-site location to take the test. If you fail the test, then you are obligated to take an approved training course, prior to retesting.

Online Testing

Due to the difficulties posed by the above-mentioned scenario, the GOA has identified an on-line program, at no cost, through which you can receive Class A and B operator training and testing in Tennessee. As this program is on-line, it can be completed on your own schedule. The state of Tennessee developed this program and it is concise and easy to understand. Once the test(s) are taken and passed, the Georgia USTMP has agreed to offer reciprocal approval as a Georgia Certified Class A and/or B Operator.

Tips for Taking the Online Test

The first step is to log onto the following web site:

On the right side of the web page are three choices: “Facility Owners,” “Class A or B Operators that are not also owners” and “C Operators.” The “Facility Owners” section is only for owners of facilities in Tennessee. The “C Operators” section is irrelevant, as the A or B operators in Georgia are to train the C operators for the specific facilities where they work.

We recommend choosing “Class A or B Operators that are not also owners” for all individuals who need class A or B operator training, whether they are facility owners or not.

The next step is to sign up, creating a username and password. After successfully creating your account, select “Return to USTOP Home.” Then log in and select “Begin Training.”

Class A operator training has one tutorial module and test. Class B operator training has four tutorials and tests. These are: 
1) General Training
2) Spill and Overfill Prevention
3) Tank and Piping Release Detection
4) Corrosion and Cathodic Protection.

For Class B operator training, you must take and pass all four tests. You must read the tutorial prior to taking the test for each section. We strongly recommend printing off each page of the tutorial as you go, for reference. Once you have taken and passed the test(s) for the Class A and/or Class B operator training, print your certificate. Again, please remember that for Class B operator, your certificate must show that you have passed all four tests.

Tennessee Reciprocity

The Georgia USTMP has issued to the GOA a letter stating that it is granting reciprocity for individuals who have taken and passed the Class A and/or B operator training test(s) from Tennessee.

To receive your acceptance letter from the Georgia USTMP indicating that your Tennessee certification is valid for Georgia, submit a copy of your Tennessee certificate showing passing results for Class A and/or Class B testing, along with a letter of transmittal to:
Richard Strickfaden
Environmental Protection Division
Underground Storage Tank Management Program
4244 International Pkwy, Suite 104
Atlanta, Georgia  30354

The USTMP will subsequently issue a letter indicating that you are a Georgia Certified Class A and/or B operator. Mr. Strickfaden has also indicated that you may submit your information via electronic mail to:

The GOA has surveyed the market place and can assure you that this is the easiest and best way to receive the necessary Class A and Class B operator training and certification; and best of all, it is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQs about the underground storage tank training class for more information about Georgia certification.

If you need assistance, please reach out to us.

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