Industry Links

Georgia Oilmen's Association is a trade association for petroleum retailers and wholesalers in the state of Georgia. Members of GOA created Georgia Oilmen's Services in 1996. We provide environmental consulting and remediation services. Below are some industry links that you may find helpful with upcoming projects or questions:

Underground Storage Tank Forms
Download EPD UST Forms.

Georgia Environmental Protection Division's Jobber Database 
Find facilities by Facility ID, address, or name.

Georgia UST Closure Guide (DOC)

Florida Environmental Protection Dividsion's Storage Tank Facility Information
Find facilities, owners and addresses.

Florida Storage Tank Compliance
Operator training, registration and more.

Florida EPA Requirements (PDF)

EPA Office of UST
Ensure you are up to date on all of the latest regulations. Read our brief summary here.

The EPA's Oil Spills Prevention and Preparedness Regulations
See regulatory information, guidance and Facility Response Plans(FRP).

Hazardous Site Response Guidelines (PDF) 
Read The Georgia Department of Natural Resources rules for hazardous site response.

Underground Storage Tank: Facilities and Owner Data
List of underground storage tank sites and other resources for UST facilities. 

Technical Standards and Corrective Action Requirements for Owners and Operators of Underground Storage Tanks: Lender Liability (PDF)
This document defines the liability of UST managers and operators. 

Georgia EPD Tank Registration 
Complete your annual tank registration online. 

Please contact us with any additional questions. A member of our team will be happy to speak with you.