Soil Sampling

Contaminated Soil Sampling in Georgia and North FloridaSoil sampling is just one of many soil remediation techniques employed by Georgia Oilmen’s Services. Our soil contamination testing is performed on site by certified technicians. Once contaminats are identified our team will work to extract or wash the soil and provide a remediation plan to prevent any further contamination. 

Soil Sampling Techniques:

  • Organic vapor screening
  • Geo-probing
  • Membrane interfacing probing
  • Light-induced fluorescence

Common Soil Pollutants:

  • High levels of pesticides and herbicides
  • Petroleum contaminated soil from leaks
  • Lead contamination
  • Pharmaceuticals and personal health care products

Soil Remediation Plans

While some toxins may occur naturally in soil, it is more often the case that human activity causes pollution that provides a health concern for people who come into direct contact with it or consume foods grown in polluted soil. Following our soil contamination testing, GOS works with you to identify the best remediation plan for your timeline and budget. For more information, please contact us.

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