Environmental Remediation Services in Georgia and North Florida

Georgia Oilmen’s Services offers turnkey environmental remediation services across the state of Georgia, Florida & Alabama. Since 1996, our team has served clients who have soil remediation and water remediation needs.

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Site Remediation

Our remediation services are tailored to a client’s needs and budget. With any new project, we discuss a series of steps that help us determine the most cost-effective plan for your site remediation:

  • Site Assessment
  • Waste Characterization
  • Pilot Testing
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Utility Services and System Installation
  • Oversight of Subcontractors
  • Operation and Maintenance Activities
  • System Decommissioning
  • Site Restoration

Most importantly, GOS oversees the implementation of all plans so that we can continually monitor the cost-effectiveness of our strategy and verify that remediation objectives are met and executed with minimal interference with ongoing business activities on your site.

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