Underground Storage Tank Regulations

Georgia Oilmen’s Services provides environmental consulting and remediation to private and government agencies throughout Georgia and Florida. As a member of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association and the Georgia Tank & Environmental Contractors Association, we stay up to date on regulations and important legislation. We’re actively involved in decision making processes for underground storage tank laws and ensure our customers are represented in state and federal level decisions.

Underground Storage Tank Laws

Underground storage tank requirements provide UST operators and land owners with guidelines to avoid costly fines and remediation. Consulting with an environmental professional about the following areas of UST regulation will ensure your team is safe and your property remains an asset.

  • Tank Inspections: To ensure UST compliance, a member of the Environmental Protection Division visit sites to inspect record keeping, leak detection equipment and other documents. Download our inspection checklist to make sure your tank is compliance-ready! We also provide compliance audits to help you avoid costly fines.

  • Reporting Petroleum Release: If you have data that shows your underground storage tank has released petroleum into groundwater, surface water, or soil, you must notify your state's EPD within 24 hours. For questions about reporting and clean up, contact GOS immediately.

  • Tank Removal: Before you can remove an underground storage tank, it must be made vapor-safe and properly prepared before reducing it to scrap. The EPD and Georgia Oilmen’s Services recommend that only qualified professionals handle the removal and disposal of USTs, as they can be very dangerous. The used tanks can be extremely flammable and the petroleum buildup at the bottom of a tank mixed with cleaners may be classified as hazardous waste.

Compliance Management

Our full range of fuel tank services can help you maintain compliance with these state regulations.

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