Dual Phase Extraction

Dual phase extraction, also known as multi phase extraction (MPE), uses the same in situ technology as soil vapor extraction but also extracts groundwater contaminants and free product in the same system. This dual phase remediation method is an improvement of vacuum groundwater extraction that has been used in environmental remediation for many years. Georgia Oilmen’s Services provides multi phase extraction remediation as well as mobile multi phase extraction, a mobile system providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

How DPE Works

Multiple wells are set up at the site where vapors and groundwater is extracted below the surface. Extraction is performed through lowering the water table and then using a vacuum pump to extract the exposed contaminants. Once the vapors and water are extracted they are separated and treated either on site or off site. Once treated the extracted products are either disposed of or re-injected into the subsurface.

Benefits of MPE

  • Addresses both vapor and groundwater remediation
  • Can treat a larger area than other remediation technologies
  • Decreases time to clean up site
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of soil vapor extraction

Contact Us

Contact Us

Georgia Oilmen’s Services provides remediation systems for sites all over Georgia and in Florida. If you are interested in our dual phase extraction services and equipment please contact us for more information or to request a quote.