FAQs about the Underground Storage Tank A & B Operator Training Class

We’ve gotten many questions about this course and have provided a list of frequently asked questions – and their respective answers – below. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Who is required to take this test?
Only Class A and B operators are required to complete the formal test. More information on job responsibilities of Class A, B and C operators can be found here.

How long does the test take?
The test is approximately 4 hours and can usually be completed in as little as ½ a day.

If I start it, can I pause it and come back to it?
Yes. The test can be completed in intervals.

When is the test completion deadline?
The test completion deadline was August 8, 2012. UST operators that cannot present certification are subject to having their fuel supply cut off until testing is completed.

Does the test cost any money?
No. The test is available at no cost to you online. If you choose to take the test at a testing center, then there may be associated fees.

How can I access the free online course?
Log-in to and follow the directions for selecting the appropriate operator category for your job responsibilities. Even though this is a Tennessee test, the Georgia USTMP has agreed to offer reciprocal approval for the training.

Once I pass the test, what should I do?
The Georgia USTMP has issued a letter to the Georgia Oilmen’s Association stating that it will grant reciprocity for operators who take and pass the Tennessee test. To obtain an acceptance letter from the Georgia USTMP asserting that your Tennessee certification is valid in Georgia, please submit a copy of your Tennessee certificate stating that you passed the course along with a letter of transmittal to:

Richard Strickfaden
Environmental Protection Division
Underground Storage Tank Management Program
4244 International Pkwy, Suite 104
Atlanta, Georgia 30354

You may also submit information to

Why must I take this test?
President Georgia W. Bush signed the U.S. Energy Policy Act (Energy Act) on August 8, 2005, requiring that all states who receive federal grant money for UST programs demonstrate the competency of their tank operators. This competency is largely indicated by their understanding of the UST compliance rules and regulations, which are covered in the test.

If I have more questions, who may I contact?
Contact Kurt Hausner of Georgia Oilmen’s Services, Inc., at (678) 225-4558.