Air Sparging

Air sparging is a form of in-situ remediation and is helpful in reducing the concentration of harmful components in petroleum that have been absorbed into soil or groundwater. The EPA defines air sparging remediation as “injection of air into contaminated groundwater to drive volatile and semivolatile contaminants into the overlying vadose zone through volatilization.” Air sparging and soil vapor extractionare commonly used in combination for groundwater remediationas part of a corrective action plan. By using air sparging remediation no harmful chemicals are needed and any chemical vapors are contained from extraction, ensuring clean air and safe groundwater for the surrounding community.

Air Sparge Systems

Air sparging systems are usually equipped with an air compressor and timer. The air sparge compressor is selected to ensure that it is capable of delivering the required standard cubic feet per minute air flow at the proper pressure per square inch (psi). The air sparging system pumps air into the saturated groundwater below the water table through injection wells causing the volatile compounds to rise to the top soil. Once above the water table these contaminants can be easily extracted through soil vapor remediation. Georgia Oilmen’s can also install groundwater monitoring wellsfor future soil samplingto monitor and prevent future contamination. When designed and operated by knowledgeable environmental professionals, air sparging systems are a safe and effective way to treat groundwater contamination from underground storage tanks and petroleum.

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