Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) testing in Georgia FAQs

Georgia Oilmen’s Services offers many oil tank and line testing services, but with upcoming and recently passed deadlines for EVR testing, we wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions about EVR.

What is Enhanced Vapor Recovery?

Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) is a system that captures toxic fumes and emissions at gas stations and gas dispensing facilities during gas drops into underground storage tanks.

Who needs EVR?

Most counties in the state of Georgia now require Stage I Vapor Recovery, mandated by the U.S. EPA. The final deadline for EVR conversion in the three remaining counties (Walker, Catoosa, and Richmond) is March 1, 2023. All new facilities in all counties in Georgia must have Enhanced Vapor Recovery.

Why is EVR important?

The metro Atlanta area has never met the federally mandated air quality standard enacted more than 30 years ago and the air in many counties in Georgia can be unsafe to breathe. Emissions and fumes from gasoline contribute to poor air quality and diseases such as asthma. EVR captures these harmful pollutants at the delivery point and keeps them from contaminating the air.

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