Georgia underground storage tank (UST) operator training

The U.S. Energy Policy Act (Energy Act) mandates that all states who receive federal grant money for their ongoing underground storage tank (UST) programs must demonstrate that their tank operators understand and can abide by the UST compliance rules in an effort to prevent as many environmental releases as possible.

A law passed on September 24, 2009, by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division divides UST operators into three categories: Class A,B and C. Each category is based on specific job responsibilities. Those operators who are within Class A and B are required to complete a formal test to confirm their understanding of all UST guidelines.

To help eliminate additional costs associated with taking this test, such as travel and taking off work to arrive for a set test time, Georgia Oilmen’s Services located a FREE online test that can be completed at the operator’s preferred time – from any computer.

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