GUST Two Party Check Status FAQ

Many years ago, the Underground Storage Tank Management Program (USTMP) began allowing two-party reimbursement for qualifying parties who met all requirements to be covered by the Georgia Underground Storage Tank (GUST) Trust Fund and who could reasonably prove that the burden of shouldering the cost of remediation, even for a short while, was beyond their financial means. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this two-party reimbursement.

1. Who is eligible for two-party check status?
Most sites are qualified if they are currently undergoing investigative or monitoring phases of corrective action OR undergoing remediation and can reasonably prove that the financial burden of remediation is beyond their means. Secondly, you must also be in good standing with the USTMP. Lastly, a Corrective Action Agreement (CAA) must be signed by the responsible party and executed by the USTMP.

2. What does this two-party check status mean?
Having two-party check status means that the responsible party, once this status is awarded by the USTMP, no longer must pay for approved environmental activities and wait to be reimbursed by the GUST Trust Fund.

3. What are the requirements for being in good standing with the USTMP?
All system monitoringcompliance, and inventory control measures are active and current. Any and all required corrective action activities (investigation/remediation of fuel releases) are progressing and adhering to a schedule acceptable to the USTMP.

4. How do I receive a Corrective Action Agreement (CAA)?
In order to receive a CAA, a site requiring corrective action must have completed and submitted a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) – Part A and corresponding documentation. Once the USTMP receives the CAP – Part A and determines that the site is GUST Trust Fund eligible, they will issue a draft CAA to the responsible party. The CAA must then be signed by the responsible party and resubmitted to the USTMP, along with any requested documentation. The USTMP will subsequently execute the document. Once the CAA is executed, two-party check status may then be requested.
5. How do I handle the costs once awarded two-party check status?
All costs are submitted to the USTMP on their required Cost Review Forms. When approved, the USTMP issues a check, made out to the responsible party and to the consulting firm being utilized (hence the name two-party checks). The responsible party then endorses the check and submits it to the utilized consulting firm for deposit.

6. Does two-check party status exempt me from having to pay any costs?
No. the responsible party is still required to meet the $10,000 deductible and pay for all CAP – Part A costs. All costs for completion of the CAP – Part A (minus the deductible) will be reimbursed following normal channels, upon USTMP approval of trust fund coverage and execution of the CAA. Another important thing to remember is that the consultant must also agree to receive payment via two-party check status. Many consultants are not able to shoulder this financial burden, as the time they must wait for payment via two-party status may be six months or more.

7. Does Georgia Oilmen’s Services (GOS) agree to receive payment via two-party check status?
Yes. GOS is able and more than willing to utilize the two-party payment process for all qualifying sites.

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