General FAQs

Since 1996, Georgia Oilmen’s Services has provided turnkey remediation services and reliable, professional environmental consulting to business and organizations across Georgia and Florida. Below are some common questions we have compiled after years of working with storage tanks and contamination.

How does GOS minimize risks when working on projects?

GOS has adopted company-wide standard operating procedures based on best industry practices. Drawing from over 25 years of practical experience working within the environmental consulting industry, GOS’s Chief Operating Officer, Senior Geologist and Senior Environmental Specialists have developed standard procedures that are customized specifically to GOS clientele and the challenges they face in their respective industries. 

How does GOS ensure compliance with environmental regulatory agencies?

Guidance documents from federal environmental regulatory agencies such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state-specific environmental regulatory bodies such as the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Georgia Department of Health and Environmental Control and Alabama Department of Environmental Management are all integrated into site-specific planning so that clear parameters are outlined prior to commencing every project. The core mission of GOS is clear communication with the regulatory community regarding required scope-of-work and requirements so that costs are controlled and requirements are fulfilled.    

In addition, GOS complies with all nationally recognized health and safety protocols including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health where applicable. Additionally, industry guidance such as those adopted by the American Society for Testing and Materials has been incorporated into standard operating procedures. Integration of these resources provides a working environment that protects capital investments and avoids costly oversights and errors.   

How does working with GOS help keep project costs low?

GOS is a wholly owned subsidiary formed by Georgia Oilmen’s Association (GOA). GOA is a trade association for the petroleum wholesalers and retailers in the state of Georgia. From inception, our goal has always been to provide cost effective and efficient environmental services.

GOS obtains clear communication with both our clientele and the applicable regulatory community regarding the required scope of work and expectations for completion as a prerequisite for every project. GOS will only complete those tasks that are specifically required to fulfill the obligations of our clients. GOS strives to ensure that small projects remain small, and that large projects are managed closely from the very beginning to mitigate cost overruns. 

GOS provides turnkey project management, utilizing GOS staff and subcontractors as appropriate.  As such, GOS has managed numerous projects all the way through, from release detection to eventual site restoration, providing close oversight of all aspects of projects to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely.   

What training and safety programs do GOS members go through to ensure they are following the best procedures?

GOS operates under a Corporate Health and Safety Plan (HASP) that was developed to protect two of our company's most important resources, our people and our reputation. The HASP includes a Respiratory Protection Program and a Security Plan. 
A safety communication chain of command has been established that includes the Health and Safety Manager (HSM) reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer of GOS. The HSM is responsible for health and safety matters at our clients' sites. Each project has an assigned  Site Health and Safety coordinator (SHSC) who is responsible for developing and executing the site-specific HASPs. All GOS employees participate in standard HASP training as new hires, during weekly staff meetings and prior to all task assignments. Implementation of these best management practices has resulted in increased employee retention and personnel safety as well as increased efficiency and profitability.

Do GOS members hold any safety certifications?

All GOS personnel are 40-hour HAZWOPER certified and undergo a yearly 8-hour refresher training. GOS’s UST system compliance testing personnel are trained semi-annually by the equipment manufacturer. Training during the first year and fourth year occurs in a classroom setting for three days. The intervening two years training is completed online. Additionally, where applicable, GOS personnel participate in training and continuing education to satisfy Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

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